3 Reasons Why Morocco is an Amazing Travel Destination

3 Reasons Why Morocco is an Amazing Travel Destination

3 Reasons Why Morocco is an Amazing Travel Destination

3 Reasons Why Morocco is an Amazing Travel Destination

Morocco is one of the most colorful countries in every sense. From the heaping fragrant piles of spices that you stroll past in the medina of Marrakech to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the red city walls, Morocco is truly an adventure for all of your senses! 

To try and surmise why Morocco is an ultimate bucket list destination, here are a few reasons:


If you like to eat, this is the spot. Literally, everything is farm to table here and not because it is a hot trend, but because that is how it’s been done for millennia. Nearly everything that is consumed here is produced right outside the city limits. The lamb tagine is made with meat that was harvested that day or the day prior from the surrounding hill towns, and the fruits and vegetables were grown in the plains just on your way out of town. All spices and herbs are grown alongside and purchased in the souks (market) of the Medina (the old city). In America, we can have such a disconnect from where our food comes from unless you pay a premium. Here, it is the foundation of every meal of every day. 


Natural variety: I started my first day in Marrakech at a beautiful hidden riad within the medina and slowly started making my way out of the city towards the surrounding open spaces. Within a short 30-minute drive I was in the Agafay Desert where we mounted our bikes and rode to the foothills of the towering Atlas Mountains. We went from desert terrain to an oasis within a relatively short ride. Should we have kept going, we would have crossed over snow-capped rugged mountains and if we continued on past there, we would have been in the Sahara desert. As you go further north into the country, the hills become more rolling and lush, reminding me of the Italian countryside in Tuscany or Umbria.


The people: For me, travel is all about the people. Clearly, the food, culture, and landscape are all amazing to experience but what makes each of those unique are the human beings that have shaped those individual elements. The people of Morocco are some of the most hospitable that I have met (the Italians are up there too). They are quick to welcome you into their home, pour you a mint tea, and talk to you about the country they love.

Morocco has a lot to love about it and I cannot wait to return. There will for sure be a trip in KC&E’s future and if you are interested in being the first on the list to hear, fill out our form. One moment from the trip that I will never forget happened when I was sitting and chatting over a traditional barbecue of lamb, onions, and tomatoes accompanied by a fresh salad with Redouan, my local bike guide. We had just ridden down from the Atlas Mountains through rustic Berber villages when he simply stated “Moroccans have time for everything”. This was something so simple and profound yet foreign to me as a westerner where it feels like there “are never enough hours in a day”. This one statement slowed me down, was calming (the mint tea helped too), and made me feel at ease for the rest of the trip. 

I hope you get the opportunity to explore this beautiful country and culture whether it be with us or not!